Along with our normal YouTube content, we have been creating videos once a month for Break Media! Our latest project we created for them is Arcade Shooter. Check it out above!

When trying to decide what we would make our next video about, we decided to create, yet again, another arcade video. But this time, we didn’t necessarily want a claw machine picking up humans, we wanted to replicate actual gameplay.

Choosing an arcade game gave us a lot of concepts to include in the project. We were able to incorporate first person views, cliche videogame “Bad Guys”, and the freedom to throw in a lot of comedy because, let’s be honest, Eric and Welsey have no business holding guns in their hands.

So with the idea set, we went out to shoot what was originally the longest video we have shot. The original edit was around 8 minutes, but that’s a little lengthy for a YouTube video, so we cut out the excess and ended up around 5 and a half minutes. This video was also the first one we shot on our new camera, the black magic cinema camera (Check out this post). The beauty of shooting with the BMCC is that we were able to shoot RAW 2.5k. This gave us a lot of resolution to play with as well as the ability to further extent the footage from the camera in Davinci Resolve. The major drawback to this, though, is the ridiculous file sizes. With everything shot, we had around 1 TB of footage.

Editing the video presented a lot of challenges with a new workflow for the new camera, but once we had a locked cut, it came time to start having some fun with the visual effects. Other than a few complex shots, the VFX in this project weren’t really anything new. But, this gave me more time to perfect those few shots that required more work.




The shot with the most VFX work was the sniper on the chimney. This had to be created completely created from scratch, with the only real footage being me in front of the greenscreen. But, the shot was extremely easy to complete with Element 3d. Videocopilot’s amazing plugin allowed me to completely composite the 3d model chimney and light it, real time, in after effects. Then, by simply creating an after effects camera, I was able to add some realistic camera movement in the shot.

I hope you all enjoyed the video! If you have any questions or a tutorial suggestion, leave it in the comments below or shoot us an email!