Sam Wickert from SoKrispyMedia

Sam Wickert

Director / Cinematographer / Editor & VFX Artist

Time Management

Visual Effects / Editing 55%
Directing 20%
Cinematography 25%
Working Out 0%
Being a Badass 100%


“When did you start visual effects and editing?” – At 12 years old.

“Sam, how do you manage to edit such amazing videos and hit the gym?” – I don’t.

“How many soda’s do you drink a day?” – I prefer not to answer that.

“How can I contact you guys?!” – Feel free to contact us through the site or at We also basically live on social media.


Eric Leigh

Director / Writer / Creative

Time Management

Visual Effects / Editing 5%
Directing 20%
Working Out 15%
Styling Hair 90%
Being a Badass 85%


“Eric, you’re hair is magical. How do you style it?” – Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answers to.

“How do you look so similar to Ben Affleck? Are you somehow related?” – I like to think that.

“Why is your badass level set to only 85% when Sam’s is set to 100%?” – Because Sam edits the site and he’s so much better than me in every way.